Welcome to MoMs, a project that promotes motherhood awareness for women with disabilities!


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There are still many prejudices associated with the world of disability, especially when it comes to affection, sexuality or parenthood. There are many women with disabilities who are discouraged from motherhood and feel judged daily for their desire for autonomy. It is assumed that a woman with a disability is not able to have a career, a social and emotional life, a pregnancy and raise children. And those who want to do so are left alone and look for professionals without specialised training. Article 23 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that “States Parties shall take effective and appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities in all matters relating to marriage, family, parenthood and relationships on an equal basis with others. The MoMs project aims to support a society that is more aware of the issue and more culturally open-minded. In addition, the project aims to educate people with disabilities and health and education professionals about the rights of people with disabilities through accessible materials. Become a part of our mission to raise awareness, break down barriers and promote best practices. Together, let’s create a future where motherhood is understood, celebrated and accessible for women with disabilities and their communities across Europe.


January 2024

11th January, first Kick off Meeting in Turin (Italy)

October 2024

LTTA in Sevilla

October 2024

Second transnational meeting in Sevilla

September 2025

Final Transnational Meeting in Turin

October 2025

Final conference in Italy

October 2025

Final conference in Spain

October 2025

Final conference in Bulgaria

October 2025

Final conference in Cyprus